Elementary students participate in physical education and recess activities and must dress appropriately.


1.For safety, shoes with rubber soles are encouraged. Shoes with cleats or wheels are not allowed. Flip flops are not to be worn to school.


2.Shorts or skirts must be longer than fingertip length with arms dropped to the side, even if worn with leggings.  Wearing shorts and open toed shoes is not allowed between fall break and spring break.


3.Students are not to wear jeans with holes above the knee. All students should wear pants at the waist. Pants that sit below the waist are not appropriate.


4.Pictures, printing or symbols that support or advertise tobacco, alcohol, and drugs or make reference to illegal activities, violence, or sex may not be worn on clothing or school bags.


5.Students are not to wear see through clothing, spandex (bike tights), tops with elongated arm holes (unless with a shirt under), or clothing which exposes midriffs.


6.Headgear including hoods may not be worn, except for special days.


7.Tank top apparel is prohibited unless worn with a shirt under.


8.The wearing of pierced apparel on any part of the body other than ear is prohibited.


9.A student’s dress and general appearance should not distract or interfere with the teaching and learning in the classroom. Students should be dressed and groomed appropriately for the learning environment, social setting, and work climate. Parents will be notified of appearances causing such a distraction or interference.


10.Pajamas and lounge wear are not to be worn to school, except for special days.




Parents of a student who is inappropriately dressed will be contacted to provide alternate clothing for their child that meets the above requirements


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